14th Sunday Ordinary Time – Rest in Prayer

“Come to me all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest”


All of us are stressed – are weary, are burdened.   Some of us more than others.  Sometimes more than other times.   But the words of the Gospel apply to all of us.    We need rest.  Where do we go?


Most of us would describe our days as “busy” – you work full time – commute a long distance to return home – once you arrive you need to run some errands, prepare dinner – do household tasks – help children with homework or chauffeur them to activities.   If you get a break, if it ever ends –how do we rest?  Do we pray.  Veg out in front of the television?   Read a book?  Mindlessly surf the net?


Jesus says “Come to me, find your rest in me – take some time in prayer, rest in my presence, I will console you, I will refresh you.”


We are wearied and burdened by others – employer who keeps pushing us to do more, our co-workers with the annoying personality traits, a spouse who constantly nitpicks, and children who refuse to help out.  How do we handle the people around us?  Pick fights?  Do we avoid others?   Do go out for drinks and complain about how the whole world is against us?   Do we pray?


Jesus says “Come to me – if you need to vent – vent to me.  Complaining to others won’t help you.   I can.  Unload your heart, let it all out


Some of you are burdened with debt or unemployment.   What do you do?   Sit around and stew about worse case scenarios?   Borrow more money?  Work like crazy to pay it off.  Do you pray?


Jesus says “Come to me- I was poor, without a place to lay down my head.  I promise happiness that does not cost a penny.”


You have poor health or chronic pain.  What do you do?  Google miracle cures? Visit many specialists?  Ask the doctor for more drugs?  Do you pray?


Jesus says “Come to me – I who heal body and soul.   I who will carry your cross with you. You may suffer, but you do not suffer alone.  I can give you rest.


At times following Jesus can feel like a burden – having to do God’s will all the time, wake up early to pray and come to Mass, trying to be better but committing the same sins again and again.  This too is stressful and frustrating.  Do we pray? Or do we depend too much on ourselves?


Jesus says “Come to me – I am merciful and patient.  I know it’s hard and I know you are trying.   Come to me. Confess your sins.   I will forgive you and strengthen you.”


All of us have moments of stress, of weariness.  All of us carry burdens.   Where do we go?   Do we come to Jesus?  Do we pray.   Prayer isn’t a magical solution.  It is the only thing we have to do.   But it ought to be the first.


Jesus says: “Come to me all you who are weary and carrying heavy burdens and I will give you rest.”