Homily – Feast of Assumption

On Friday August 15th at 7pm we will celebrate a Solemn Mass for the Assumption of Mary.


Over 200 persons attended a Bilingual Mass for the feast of the Assumption in which miraculous medals were blessed and distributed.  Below is Fr. Jason’s Homily for the celebration.




Today we will receive the Miraculous medal.   Mary appeared to St. Catherine Labore in the early 19th century and revealed the design of this medal – Mary standing over the world and over Satan and an inscription which read “Mary conceived without stain of original sin pray for us who have recourse unto thee”   Mary encouraged St. Catherine to make copies of this medal and encourage others to wear it.    During one of her first apparitions to St. Catherine, Mary warned of great trials in France and in the World


“But come to the foot of this altar.  There graces, will be shed upon all those who ask for them with confidence and fervor…A moment will come when danger will be great.  It will seem as if all were lost.  But have confidence – I will be with you..”  Parece que todo esta perdido – pero ten confianza estare contigo!


‘It will seem as if all is lost”   It would be easy to day this today.   How much bad news do we hear every day.  We know that Christians are being exiled in northern Iraq, conflict is increasing in the middle east, in Ukraine,  many of our parishioners are concerned about violence or injustice in their home countries.  In our own families we can experience drug or alcohol abuse,  depression, anxiety, pornography addiction, eating disorders.   So few people come to holy Mass, many question what is the point of getting married?   This does not include our own personal struggle against selfishness and sinfulness.   We feel surround by chaos, by evil.  It is easy to give in to discouragement.


Mary if you promise to be with us in times of danger – be with us now!


Pope Francis in his homily today in Korea announces that today is a feast of hope.   It is true that the world is full of bad things.  It is true that death is always around the corner.  It is true that sin often has it’s hold on us.


But there is one completely good thing – one completely pure person – that is Mary.  Death did not have its’ hold on her!  Today we honor her assumption – that her body did not taste corruption, she is sharing body and soul in the glory of her son.  Sin did not have its hold on her.  Mary resisted temptation to the end.  She stands over top of Satan’s head.  She too grew up in the midst of this evil of this chaos – and the evil did not win.  Christ won!  Mary won with him!   If we are faithful we too will win.  We will have victory over Mary.


For the time being, in the midst of this valley of tears, in the midst of chaos – Mary is with us.  Maria esta con nosotros.


The miraculous medal that we will bless is a sign of confidence – a sign of Hope.  Mary has conquered, and with her help we will conquer to it.   When we wear the miraculous medal we wear it like a medal of victory – our team has own – the team of Christ.   Mary has crossed the finish line – we will cross too!


In moments of discouragement this medal can give us confidence.  In moments of temptation it can help us to persevere.   In moments of struggle it will push us to keep up the fight.


“Mary conceived without stain of original sin, pray for us who have recourse unto thee”


“Mary assumped into heaven, clothed with the sun, crowned with stars, crushing Satan’s head, queen of heaven and earth, and yet my mother, our mother too – pray for us who have recourse unto thee.”