Update from Paulina our Missionary

Hello everyone,


It has been three months since my departure from Canada to the unknown place of “Many waters” Guyana, South America. During my stay here I have been challenged physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe that mission is something that takes many forms and you cannot be ready unless you remember that Jesus walks before you and that He guides you every step of the way.


I work at a day care with the Missionaries of Charity, or also known as the Mother Theresa of Calcuta sisters. In here, despite of all the challenges I face, it is the place where I can truly find God.


I am always in a constant search to live a meaning full life filled with joy, love and happiness and let me tell you that I have found it in these little ones.


I humbly ask you for your prayers, for all the people of Guyana and everyone whom God is calling to go on the One Year Mission program with Scarboro Missions. May God bless you!


Paulina Gallego