Creating a Spiritual Life Plan

Here are some samples of Spiritual Life Plans:


Example A

  • Everyday when I wake up I spend 20 minutes to read the scriptures and meditate on them
  • At noon I will say the angelus.
  • After dinner we will pray the Rosary as a family.
  • Before going to bed I will read a spiritual book.
  • Every Friday I will fast in the afternoon.
  • Every Month I will go to confession.


Example B


Every day I will:  read one chapter of the scriptures, say one decade of the rosary, make an examination of conscience

Every week I will:  Attend the Prayer Group, Visit the Blessed Sacrament on Fridays.

Every Month I will:  Attend the CWL Meeting, Visit the sick.


Example C


Every morning I will wake up at 6:30 and say my Morning Prayers.


I will attend the morning Mass on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


In the evening I will read the Gospel from the next days Mass and spend 15 minutes in Meditation.


Once a week I will visit the school with the Rosary Apostolate.


I will attend the Matthew Kelly book club on Tuesday evenings.


I will make a confession every second week on Friday morning.