Scarboro Missions

Scarboro Missions, a Roman Catholic mission society, serves the Reign of God through contemporary paths of mission, such as witnessing our faith, humanitarian work, social justice and interfaith dialogue. Scarboro Missions has a one-year overseas volunteer opportunity for adults aged 21 and above. If you feel called to help make the world a better place, walk in mission with priests and laity, and are interested in deepening your faith, this could be the opportunity for you!  The deadline for program applications is February 22, 2016.
A few key points:
– Scarboro Missions has a strong 2-month Formation program before candidates depart for overseas
– There is a strong emphasis on interfaith dialogue, social justice, spiritual growth and community
– Scarboro Missions covers all costs in relation to the program (including airfare, vaccinations, living costs, etc) thanks to the generosity of our benefactors. If you have student loans, we have been successful in helping lay missioners defer student loan payments
– Currently, lay missioners are primarily in Guyana. Dependent on interest in the upcoming year, we may also be in Thailand and/or Malawi.
– What lay missioners do in mission is usually determined on their arrival in-country. As lay missioners are in countries at the invitation of the local Bishop, they meet with the Bishop within the first few days in-country. During the meeting, the Bishop will explain what the needs are within the community. The lay missioner will discuss their interests and gifts. The lay missioners will then visit various places and determine where they are best matched.  Experienced lay missioners accompany incoming lay missioners through the process.
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