Easter Sunday Homily – 2016

Jesus Christ is Risen! We do not say Jesus Christ WAS risen. We say Jesus Christ is Risen! The resurrection is not a miracle of the past – it is a miracle today. Jesus is alive and he lives among us. He is present here with us today in the tabernacle – in his body and blood he has left for us.
St. Josemaria Escriva was fond of saying that when we come to the Church, Jesus has been waiting for our visit for 2000 years.
I am not sure when was the last time you came to Church – some were here yesterday, or last Sunday, maybe you haven’t been since Christmas or last Easter – it might have been longer than that. I don’t know the last time you came to Church. But I do know is that Jesus has been waiting for today – waiting for your visit. Waiting to hear from you: how have you been? What’s new in your life? Wanting to know how he can help. Wanted to share with you something of his love, his life, his mercy. Jesus has been waiting for this day.
I am not sure when the last time you came to church was and I am not sure when the next time will be. Some will be here tomorrow morning, some will be here next Sunday. Some of you we won’t see until next easter. Others won’t come until invited to a wedding or even worse a funeral. Hopefully its not your funeral. Whenever that day will be – I know one thing is true: Jesus is waiting for that day. He wants to see you again. He wants to listen to your prayers – the things in heart you don’t dare say to anyone else. He wants to forgive your sins. He wants to give you his Holy Spirit. He invites you to follow him.
Jesus has waited 2000 years for this day. He will wait another 2000 if he had to. But what are we waiting for? Let us rejoice in his presence. Let us confess our sins. Let us walk in the new life he promises us.