Easter Vigil Homily – 2016

“Somos Hijos de Dios—Portadores de la única llama capaz de iluminar los caminos terrenos de las almas, del único fulgor, en el que nunca podrán darse oscuridades, penumbras ni sombras.”
“We are children of God—Bearers of the only flame that can light up the paths of the earth for souls, of the only brightness which can never be darkened, dimmed or overshadowed.”
We began our service this evening in darkness. How much is our world in darkness. Darkness is scary – we don’t know what is in front of us. Our world lacks clear hope or clear direction. The world is cold, so many people longing for love, for kindness, for understanding.
Into this darkness entered the Easter Candles – Jesus Christ raised from the dead. Jesus’ love brings warmth. He enlightens the faces of those around us, the world around us that we can see its beauty, its goodness. He gives light to the path so that we can see where to walk.
En la oscuridad de esta mundo entro Jesucristo – Jesús es la luz que alumbra nuestro sendero, el calienta nuestros corazones fríos. Jesús ilumina nuestro mundo para que podemos ver lo que es alrededor de nosotros y apreciar la belleza de este mundo.
This evening we will celebrate Baptism and Confirmation. Our candidates have met the risen Jesus and have been touched by him. Tonight, Juan Filipe, Ava, Evan and Ainsley will become children of God and temples of his spirit. Kirsten, Donna and Maia will renew their baptismal promises and receive the strength of the Holy Spirit. We will light candles from the Easter candle and give to each of them. They will receive from Jesus new life, light, guidance, and strength.
As the fire came into the Church, we began to share it. And this room that was once dark became quite quickly enlightened, brightened. When we meet Jesus we are transformed. We become light for one another, for our world.
El mundo necesita la luz que da sentido a la confusión. La luz que ilumine el sendero. El fuego que descongela y purifica nuestros corazones. Nosotros tenemos la luz – es Jesúcristo resucitado.
All of you know people who are cold for lack of love, lost for lack of light, afraid of what lies ahead. You and I have the warmth that cold hearts are waiting. We have the light that gives meaning to the confusion that shines a path to move. We have the fire that purifies our hearts and makes us new. Jesus Christ is that light, that gift. He has enlightened us and he calls us to enlighten our world.
St. Josemaria Escriva concludes:
“El Señor se sirve de nosotros como antorchas, para que esa luz ilumine… De nosotros depende que muchos no permanezcan en tinieblas, sino que anden por senderos que llevan hasta la vida eternal”
“The Lord uses us as torches, to make that light shine out… It depends on us that many should not remain in darkness, but walk instead along paths that lead to eternal life.”