Homily – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C – Father’s Day

Peter recognizes that Jesus is the Christ – the Messiah. However, he misunderstands what type of Messiah Jesus is. He most likely expects a Warrior King who will drive the Romans out of Israel. Jesus is the Messiah, but the only blood He plans to shed is His own. He will save Israel and the world by suffering and dying.

What does it mean to be a man? Does it mean being tough, destroying all who gets in your way? Going on adventures and slaying dragons? Having a different woman each night? Becoming completely independent – listening to no one, never asking for help, never admitting a mistake?

The strength of a true man is not in how many people he can beat up, but how many people he can help up.
He does not need to leave home to find adventure – everyday is an epic adventure – full of interesting people and unexpected challenges. He helps his wife conquer the housework, and his kids conquer their homework. He knows that the greatest dragon to slay is the one that is within his own selfishness.

A real man does not need many women – he is faithful to one, and by being faithful to her, he discovers more of her beauty each day.

A real man knows he can do nothing on his own. He depends upon God. He kneels to pray. He confesses his sins.

Jesus was not a macho Messiah. Jesus does not call us to be macho men. He calls us to be real men. Dear brothers, let us be real men. Let us thank the real men in our lives, let us thank our Fathers.