Our Deacon


Deacon Alberto Figueredo was born in Bogotá Colombia, and is married to Virginia Góngora. They have four children: Alberto (deceased), Carlos Javier, Andres Camilo and Maria Angelica.


Alberto was ordained Deacon in Bogota on June 17th, 2000 by Cardinal Pedro Rubiano Sáenz.
He and his wife studied techniques for counseling people in extreme distress, and also received a diploma in Family Studies.


He began his experience as deacon with two years of practicum and later four years as a prison chaplain in Colombia.


In 2004, his bishop authorized him to accompany the Hispanic communities in Atlanta GA, USA, for 4 years. In June 2009, he received permission to move to Montreal; and, in December 2013, he was authorized by his bishop to move to Oakville, where Reverend Bishop Douglas Crosby accepted him to support Hispanic community, led by Father Jason Kuntz.